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Royal attitude status in english for girls

You will not forget things about me, I am a girl, but you can impress !!

What happened if you are young, Have seen every scene of life, have seen a dagger hidden in the cheekbones along with the dejected smile !!

Where there is no truth, there is a lie. Loot is right where there is no right !!

Do not keep an eye on my DP .. Otherwise people will call you my Security Guard ..!!!

Explain those senses, Even in the street of Katillo, terror is in our name !!

Royal attitude status in english for boys

What have I got, except me Breaking me up by making me mine !!

I give life to someone who talks with respect, Whoever talks with airs, beats him to death !!

We are born crooks But no BADMASHI ever seen, The day Badmashi was seen, It is difficult for people to leave HOME that day ..!

It is better to submerge someone than a river, Someone can be saved by means of !!It is better to submerge someone than a river, Someone can be saved by means of !!

Attitude status in english 

It is not a child's play to beat my brother, my brother, because there are more railway gates in India ... than that of my wall.

Change or change, we will find our own destination, who think themselves the king, one day they will definitely make it to their court.

If you want to talk to us, Dil Sekarna Because, Time Pass is so much as I do with selfie вяσкєи нєαят💘

I am alone to say, but we are four, I am my shadow # My ...iness and your feeling ....

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